Saturday, August 1, 2009

Douche Bags

I have nothing to add.


Anonymous said...

Part of the problem at at W 394 and 100 is the stripes on the highway. The exit only style stripes are painted only on the far right lane and the the next lane over has regular stripes even though that is an exit only lane too. It would be nice if MNDOT would learn how to mark lanes properly like they do in California.

Of course that is no excuse for SUV drivers who seldom pay attention to what is going on 20 feet in front of them.

Michael Thompson said...

yes that is confusing with the normal looking lane all of a sudden exiting right, but if the driver would have just stayed in the lane, he would have found he could still enter the highway again up ahead...

Dale the Truck Driver said...

True, but why look past the end of your hood?

Anonymous said...

Good thing he has that huge wing to help him stick to the road when clipping people off like that.

There is NO excuse for driving like this.


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