Thursday, March 19, 2009

WTF Is This?

I feel safer on my cycle.


purple said...

that is me, Dale LOL

Anonymous said...

Smart car. Lots of them up here in Canada.

View this video for an excellent demo of how good it's crash survivability. Note how the windshield is intact and one door still opens and closes after a 70 mph crash.

Although the humans inside would very likely not have survived.

Tony Toews

Grendel said...

Between the unibody frame and built in roll cage those are a fair bit safer than many other four wheel cages.

Paula said...

I first saw these in Amsterdam - they make a lot of sense when the "street" is as wide as an alley in Minneapolis.

Here - not so sure if I would feel safe in it on the freeway especially. And what happens in the snow?

Jennifer said...

My husband calls them street legal golf carts.


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