Monday, March 23, 2009

Tailgating Tanker

On my travels in the last week I encountered this tanker weaving through traffic at will. While his placard is 1203 which could be a number of fuels other than gasoline, he is still flammable. Most likely he is or was hauling biodiesel or ethanol. Biodiesel has a flash point around 300 degrees F and ethanol in it's many varieties is under 100 degrees F. A temperature not that hard to achieve when you have a car stuck under you while moving at 70 plus MPH. A side ways car causes a bunch of sparks when the tires are ground off. With that in mind, a little caution would be well advised.

Here he is catching up to traffic in a hurry. The speed limit on 494 is 60MPH while most are traveling around 65 to 70 MPH.

494 and 100 can be a confusing interchange for those who don't travel through here a lot.

Here a car darts in front of the tailgatee. Potential danger as if someone else moves into that lane the tailgater has left himself with no "out". Slamming on the brakes would only look good but in reality wouldn't do much good.

The tailgatee must have sensed that the tailgater was not going to back off and does the right thing by getting out of the way. Why argue with 18 wheels when you only have 4? Instead of causing a problem the tailgatee avoided it. Once again, dangerous taking the pictures or tailgating? You decide.

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