Friday, September 11, 2009

Septemper 11, 2009

I actually heard someone ask today why all the flags were at half mast? First of all it's half staff, a mast is on a ship. Secondly, I am thinking that motto isn't working anymore.

Something else that bugs me. Patriotism in a foreign car.

My odometer at one point today, very eerie.

Enough said.

A fine example of how us Americans treat each other. Pretty much like shit.

Some good tax dollars at work speeding to get behind a truck at a red light.
Yeah, nothing much has changed in the last eight years. We are still the ignorant snobs we have always been.
Good day my fellow Americans.


kimbers said...

Hi Dale,

An edgier Dale is better than no Dale at all.

It's really nice to see you back.

Warm regards,

Dale the Truck Driver said...

I agree. Thank you.

Janet said...

It never fails to amaze me how many people can see that a road narrows up ahead due to construction but instead of merging early, go to the head of the line and either butt in or wait till some kindly soul lets them in. I am NOT a kindly soul.

Welcome back!

Truck Sales said...

Where you driving when you took the photos?


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